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REAL® Seal Re-Certification

Under the REAL® Seal Certified User Agreement, you are required to re-certify annually that you are in full compliance with the REAL® Seal guidelines. You will automatically receive re-certification materials in the mail one month prior to the expiration date. (This information is emailed and not mailed unless specified by the company.)


To re-certify your REAL® Seal agreement, review the current list of certified products. Note that there is a required marketing contribution to use the Seal.  The REAL® Seal Administrator will review the fee structure with you.


  1. If there are no changes, return the signed re-certification form to the REAL® Seal Administrator.


- Otherwise -


  1. Cross out any products that no longer qualify or that you wish to remove.
  2. List any new products that you would like to certify and submit copies of their labels and ingredient statements for review. Once new products are approved you will receive an authorization letter adding them to the current listing.
  3. Identify any products whose formulations or ingredients have changed and email or mail the revised labels and ingredient statements.
  4. Sign the re-certification letter and either email or mail it back to the address listed. Also include the revised product list and supporting documents for additional or re-formulated products.


For more information or questions regarding the REAL® Seal Program, please call 888-273-7325 or email