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Bongards' Creameries

Bongards' Creameries
8330 Commerce Dr
Chanhassen, MN
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Dairy ProductsButter
Dairy ProductsCream Cheese/Neufchatel
Dairy ProductsNatural CheeseCheddar
Dairy ProductsNatural CheeseColby
Dairy ProductsNatural CheeseMonterrey Jack
Dairy ProductsNatural CheeseMozzarella
Dairy ProductsNatural CheesePepper Jack
Dairy ProductsNatural CheeseProvolone
Dairy ProductsNatural CheeseSwiss
Dairy ProductsProcess Cheese & Cheese ProductsProcess American Cheese
Dairy ProductsProcess Cheese & Cheese ProductsSpreads/Cold Pack
In 1908, a group of enterprising farmers in Bongards, Minnesota formed the Bongards cooperative. Their goal was to craft the premium dairy products that the market demanded and to offer the superior quality that area families deserved. Since then, we’ve built our heritage on always doing things the right way – the customer’s way. Bongards is headquartered in Chanhassen Minnesota and has 3 production facilities located in Bongards Minnesota, Perham Minnesota, and Humboldt Tennessee. At Bongards, we’re ready to be your trusted cheese supplier. As a farmer-owned coop with over a century of cheese-making expertise, we can meet all your cheese category needs with an assured supply chain, a broad selection, and the know-how to create products to your exact specifications. As a global supplier, Bongards produces millions of pounds of natural cheese, process cheese, cream cheese, imitation cheese and whey each year. We have robust capabilities to support customers as they innovate and grow. Bongards brings you the experience to deliver consistent, high-quality cheese in the quantities your business demands.