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Maddalenas Cheesecake & Catering Inc.

Maddalenas Cheesecake & Catering Inc.
415 Rt N
Ringoes, NJ
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Maddalena's is known for Deliciousness. Our CheeeseCakes are in Supermarkets & Specialty Shops throughout NJ & PA . ​ Our imagination doesn't stop at traditional round CheeseCakes. ​ Throughout the year we take our dessert trailers to corporate events, parties, and festivals where we serve CheeseCake treats, like... ​ Varieties of frozen CheeseCake slices on a stick CheeseCake Cookie Sandwich: Our Chookie CheeseCake filled Cannoli ​ - We're known for Exceptional Catering too - We're a family business in Ringoes, New Jersey, run by me, Janet Maddalena, and my sons, Gene Junior, and Jeffrey Maddalena. We couldn't make it happen without the rest of our dedicated, talented and hard working staff. ​ My late husband and I started out as a small baking company in 1982 with Gene Senior's vision to create gourmet CheeseCakes with uncompromising quality ingredients. Tiered and decorated wedding CheeseCakes were in demand in the early 80's. Our little start-up operation expanded to wedding receptions and catering for private and corporate events. Our brand took root, hence - Maddalena's CheeseCake & Catering. ​ As a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Gene Senior wanted the visual appeal of CheeseCakes to complement the texture. He built revolving ovens to bring this about. Maddalena's CheeseCakes are a feast for the eyes and belly. This vision of excellence carries through in our catering too.