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F&A Dairy Products, Inc.

F&A Dairy Products, Inc.
355 S Crawford Blvd.
Las Cruces, NM
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In 1958 two enterprising Italian brothers – Frank and Angelo Terranova- founded F&A Cheese Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan to select and distribute the best cheese and pizza supplies they could find. Knowing they could make a better cheese than they could buy, our founders purchased their first manufacturing plant – Belle Cheese in Amery, Wisconsin – 1965. Together, the brothers found a ready market for their high-quality pizza and deli cheeses, and they expanded their operations by purchasing the Indianhead Dairy in Dresser, Wisconsin, renaming it F&A Dairy Products, Inc. Later, they merged Belle Cheese into F&A to form a single company. Hands-on makes us hands-down winner The tradition of quality and excellence that began with Frank and Angelo remains alive with us today. Their time-honored, hands-on methods have been passed from one F&A cheese maker to the next for generations. And their tactics on quality and cleanliness in every step of the process remains the hallmark of F& A Dairy Products.