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Homeland Creamery

Homeland Creamery
6506 Bowman Dairy Rd
Julian, NC
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Roy Bowman started the dairy with his two sons in the late 1930s. In 1947, Bowman Dairy became a “Grade A” dairy farm. After Roy’s grandsons Chris and David Bowman graduated from NCSU they joined their father, uncle, and grandfather on the family dairy. After their grandfather, father, and uncle retired and as they continued to grow, they decided with the help of their wives Jayne and Terry Bowman to open a creamery in 2002. Today they provide fresh milk and ice cream to over 200 various businesses such as coffee shops, bakeries, daycares, and numerous retailers. They also successfully run a farm store which daily offers ice cream by the scoop, homemade old fashioned butter, and various other local goodies and souvenirs.