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A REAL® Dairy Guarantee

The REAL® Seal is a stamp of assurance. It lets you know you’re buying a high-quality product made with milk from cows that were raised on U.S. dairy farms. When you see the REAL® logo on a product in a store or on a menu in a restaurant, you can trust it’s the real thing, and not a pale imitation.

section-1-cows-grazing.jpg/dairy cows grazing in a field

The Dairy Best

REAL® dairy is nutritious, delicious and all natural. But often times, imitation products and actual dairy products appear to be the same. The REAL® Seal lets you know what’s authentic, so you can be sure you’re getting the best flavor, nutrition and value for you and your family.

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Where To Buy REAL® Dairy

Hundreds of brands, products, stores and restaurants use the REAL® Seal. Visit our REAL® Guide to find out who and what you can trust.

See The Guide

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