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Chef Shamy Gourmet

Doing business under the brand name Chef Shamy Gourmet, DFS Gourmet Specialties produces the highest possible quality flavored butters, including garlic butter, honey butter, whipped butter and sauté butter. A family-run business out of Salt Lake City, Chef Shamy sets itself apart from other brands by using only REAL® butter with no oils, fillers, transfats, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. DFS Gourmet Foods produces fresh, convenient prepared foods and ingredient items to the foodservice and grocery industry. With our “All about the Taste” philosophy, we provide essential cooking components for the consumer to create a fine dining experience in their own kitchen. ~ All of Our Food is Made Fresh ~ All Natural Ingredients ~ No Artificial Flavors or Colors ~ No Additives ~ No Preservatives ~ No Fillers or Binders

REAL® Dairy Products

  1. Chef Shamy Gourmet All Natural Sauté Butter-Garlic & Herb
  2. Chef Shamy Gourmet All Natural Sauté Butter-Lemon & Dill
  3. Chef Shamy Gourmet French Onion Butter-Asiago Cheese
  4. Chef Shamy Gourmet Garlic Butter-Parmesan Cheese
  5. Chef Shamy Gourmet Honey Butter-Blueberry
  6. Chef Shamy Gourmet Honey Butter-Chocolate
  7. Chef Shamy Gourmet Honey Butter-Cinnamon & Brown Sugar
  8. Chef Shamy Gourmet Honey Butter-Strawberry
  9. Chef Shamy Gourmet Honey Butter-Vanilla Bean
  10. Chef Shamy Gourmet Truffle Butter

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