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Amish Country

Jim and Jenny Williams started their cheese business back in 1945, using an old barn as their warehouse. The Williams Family’s commitment to quality is the foundation on which their company is built – maintaining the highest standards, never compromising. Now in business for 70 years, Amish Country Cheese produces, ages and packages more than five million pounds annually.

The Williams family is committed to retaining the high standards that have kept them in business for well over a half a century and to giving their customers what they expect; top quality cheeses, great value and friendly folks who appreciate your business and who stand behind their products.

REAL® Dairy Products

Cheese/Cheese Products
  1. Amish Country Amish Swiss Cheese
  2. Amish Country Baby Swiss Cheese
  3. Amish Country Colby Cheese
  4. Amish Country Colby Cheese, Reduced Sodium
  5. Amish Country Colby Jack Cheese
  6. Amish Country Cream Havarti Cheese
  7. Amish Country Hoop Cheese Old Fashioned Mild Cheddar Cheese
  8. Amish Country Old Fashioned Process Cheese Spread, Limburger
  9. Amish Country Pepper Jack Cheese
  10. Amish Country Swiss Cheese, Very Low Sodium
  11. Amish Country Variety Wheel, Cheddar-Colby Jack-Colby-Monterey Jack

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