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Clover Farms

Strong In The Past, Stronger In The Future.

In 1937, Clover Farms was established within the rich, rolling hills of Pennsylvania Dutch dairy country. From that time, we have upheld a tradition of quality, freshness and flavor in each refreshment bearing the Clover Farms name.

Look for the Clover symbol as our pledge to you: The Clover family will only serve pure Clover quality to you and your family.

You’ll find that same standard of excellence in our full line of healthful milks, delicious juices, and other fine beverages.

REAL® Dairy Products

Cream/Cream Products
  1. Clover Farms Whipping Cream
  1. Clover Farms Half-and-Half - Ultra Pasteurized, Homogenized
  1. Clover Farms Milk - Chocolate, 1% Lowfat, Vitamin A&D
  2. Clover Farms Milk - Chocolate, Whole
  3. Clover Farms Milk - Jog, 2% Reduced Fat
  4. Clover Farms Milk - Slim, Nonfat Skim
  5. Clover Farms Milk - Strawberry, 1% Lowfat, Vitamin A & D
  6. Clover Farms Milk - Trim, 1% Lowfat
  7. Clover Farms Milk - Whole, Vitamin D
  8. Farmers' Milk - Whole, Vitamin D

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