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Cream-O-Land Dairy

Our grandfather, Samuel Schneier, started our dairy back in 1943. He delivered the finest and freshest dairy products to small grocery stores and homes in the New Brunswick, New Jersey area. His children, Arthur and Frances worked for Samuel after school and on weekends. They did everything from sales, to bookkeeping, to anything else that needed to be done. Eventually, they, along with Arthur's wife, Phyllis, took over the day-to-day operations.
Today, my brother Robert and I are responsible for running the company. We have laid the groundwork for expansion, not only in the number of products, but also in the company's service area. Our modern fleet of refrigerated trucks service the finest grocery stores, supermarkets, schools and colleges throughout New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Florida, and The Bahamas. Our state-of-the-art warehouses enable us to provide the farm fresh products on time at competitive prices. Our loyal employees help us uphold our standards for service and commitment. Continued growth and re-investment will help us maintain the tradition inaugurated by all the Schneier family, seventy years ago.
Jay and Robert Schneier

REAL® Dairy Products

Cottage Cheese
  1. Cream-O-Land Dairy Cottage Cheese-Large Curd 4%
Cream/Cream Products
  1. Cream-O-Land Dairy Cream-Heavy
  2. Cream-O-Land Dairy Cream-Heavy, Ultra-Pasteurized
  3. Cream-O-Land Dairy Cream-Light
  4. Cream-O-Land Whipped Light Cream, Pasteurized, Sweetened
Ice Cream/Frozen Dairy Desserts
  1. Cream-O-Land Dairy-Ice Cream Mix-Chocolate-Premium-10% Grade A Mix
  2. Cream-O-Land Ice Cream Mix-Vanilla-10%
  1. Cream-O-Land Dairy Cultured Whole Buttermilk-Grade A-Pasteurized-Homogenized
  2. Cream-O-Land Dairy Holiday Style Egg Nog
  3. Cream-O-Land Dairy LactoZero 100% Lactose Free Milk-1% Lowfat
  4. Cream-O-Land Dairy LactoZero 100% Lactose Free Milk-2% Reduced Fat
  5. Cream-O-Land Dairy LactoZero 100% Lactose Free Milk-Fat Free
  6. Cream-O-Land Dairy LactoZero 100% Lactose Free Milk-Whole
  7. Cream-O-Land Dairy LactoZero Whole Milk-Ultra Pasteurized, Vitamin D
  8. Cream-O-Land Dairy Milk-Chocolate, Lowfat 1%, Vitamin A&D
  9. Cream-O-Land Dairy Milk-Chocolate, Lowfat 1/2%, Vitamin A&D
  10. Cream-O-Land Dairy Milk-Chocolate, Whole
  11. Cream-O-Land Dairy Milk-Fat Free, Chocolate, Vitamin A&D
  12. Cream-O-Land Dairy Milk-Fat Free, Strawberry, Vitamin A&D
  13. Cream-O-Land Dairy Milk-Lowfat 1%, Vitamin A&D
  14. Cream-O-Land Dairy Milk-Reduced Fat 2%, Vitamin A&D
  15. Cream-O-Land Dairy Milk-Skim, Vitamin A&D
  16. Cream-O-Land Dairy Milk-Strawberry
  17. Cream-O-Land Dairy Milk-Strawberry, Fat-Free
  18. Cream-O-Land Dairy Milk-Whole, Vitamin D
  19. Cream-O-Land Dairy Milk-Whole, Vitamin D, Ultra-Pasteurized
  20. Cream-O-Land Dairy Organic Fat Free Milk, Vitamin A&D
  21. Cream-O-Land Dairy Organic Low Fat 1% Milk, Vitamin A&D
  22. Cream-O-Land Dairy Organic Reduced Fat 2% Milk, Vitamin A&D
  23. Cream-O-Land Dairy Organic Whole Milk, Vitamin D
  24. Cream-O-Land Fat Free Cultured Milk-Kefir-Blueberry
  25. Cream-O-Land Fat Free Cultured Milk-Kefir-Mango
  26. Cream-O-Land Fat Free Cultured Milk-Kefir-Plain
  27. Cream-O-Land Fat Free Cultured Milk-Kefir-Strawberry
  28. Cream-O-Land Taste Plus Fat Free Milk-Added Calcium, protein, Vitamins A & D
  29. Cream-O-Land-Whole Milk-Shelf Stable-UHT-Vitamin D
Sour Cream
  1. Cream-O-Land Dairy Sour Cream
  1. Cream-O-Land Dairy Lowfat Yogurt-Premium Plain
  2. Cream-O-Land Drinkable Fat Free Yogurt-Mango
  3. Cream-O-Land Drinkable Fat Free Yogurt-Peach
  4. Cream-O-Land Drinkable Fat Free Yogurt-Plain
  5. Cream-O-Land Drinkable Fat Free Yogurt-Strawberry
  6. Cream-O-Land Fat Free Yogurt-Blueberry
  7. Cream-O-Land Fat Free Yogurt-Lemon
  8. Cream-O-Land Fat Free Yogurt-Peach
  9. Cream-O-Land Fat Free Yogurt-Raspberry
  10. Cream-O-Land Fat Free Yogurt-Strawberry
  11. Cream-O-Land Fat Free Yogurt-Vanilla

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