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Derle Farms

Derle Farms is one of the largest wholesale distributors of quality dairy products in the New York metropolitan area. We are a true family-owned and family-run company. Unburdened by bureaucracy, we can respond quickly to your ever-changing needs, providing the personal attention our many satisfied customers have come to expect.

REAL® Dairy Products

Cream/Cream Products
  1. Derle Farms Cream-Heavy, Ultra Pasteurized
  2. Derle Farms Cream-Light, Pasteurized
  1. Derle Farms Half and Half-Pasteurized
  2. Derle Farms Half and Half-Ultra Pasteurized
  1. Derle Farms Milk-1% Lowfat, Vitamin A & D
  2. Derle Farms Milk-2% Reduced Fat, Vitamin A & D
  3. Derle Farms Milk-Fat Free, Vitamin A & D
  4. Derle Farms Milk-Whole, Vitamin D

Product Brand:

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