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El Mexicano®

Our wide range of El Mexicano® branded products has played an important role in strengthening the culinary traditions of our people. From our rich cheeses, sausages, jalapeño peppers and more, El Mexicano® continues to make your food a rich and memorable taste experience.

REAL® Dairy Products

Cheese/Cheese Products
  1. El Mexicano - Quesadilla
  2. El Mexicano Brand - Cotija
  3. El Mexicano Brand - Mexican Blend
  4. El Mexicano Brand - Panela
  5. El Mexicano Brand - Queso Cremoso Cheese
  6. El Mexicano Brand - Queso Mozzarella
  7. El Mexicano Brand - Queso Oaxaca
  8. El Mexicano Brand-Requeson Cheese
  9. El Mexicano Cotija Polvo Cheese
  10. El Mexicano Cotija Rallado Cheese
  11. El Mexicano Queso Fresco Casero
Sour Cream
  1. El Mexicano Brand Crema Mexicana
  2. El Mexicano Brand Crema Oaxaqueña
  3. El Mexicano Brand-Sour Cream without salt-Acidified Sour Cream

Related Brands

  1. San Juan

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