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Ellio's Pizza

Since our debut in 1963, Ellio’s Pizza has been a favorite of kids and moms everywhere. Ellio’s has a wide range of delicious toppings from cheese to deluxe. We even offer delightfully cheesy breadsticks! We use real cheese and tomatoes to make Ellio’s Pizza a healthy choice for snack or dinner. The rectangle shape makes it convenient to store in your freezer door and cooks fast—right in your toaster oven. Perfect for after school. Ellio's Pizza. Loved it then, Love it now!

REAL® Dairy Products

  1. Ellio's Pizza-Cheese, 9, 27, 36, 51 slices
  2. Ellio's Pizza-Extra Cheese, 6 slices
  3. Ellio's Pizza-Five Cheese
  4. Ellio's Pizza-Pepperoni, 9, 27 slices
  5. Ellio's Pizza-Sausage & Pepperoni, 9 slices
  6. Ellio's Pizza-Supreme, 9 slices
  7. Ellio's Sicilian Style Thick Crust Pizza-Pepperoni
  8. Ellio's Sicilian Style Thick Crust Pizza-Five Cheese
  1. Ellio's Breadsticks - Cheesy, 12 sticks
  2. Ellio's Breadsticks - Cheesy, 36 sticks

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