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Highland Beef Farms

There are many shelf-stable cheese products on the market but none come close to the high-quality, low-cost variety offered by Highland Beef Farms, a family-owned business, that has been producing shelf-stable meat and cheese snacks for over 40 years. Our cheese sticks, bricks, spreads and dips, all made from 100% REAL cheese come in a variety of flavors sure to please any palate. Rich and creamy textures make them perfect for snacking with chips, crackers and vegetables of all kinds. Because they are made with natural cheese, they are not only dippable but also melt with ease and are perfect for cooking.

REAL® Dairy Products

Cheese/Cheese Products
  1. Highland Beef Farms BBQ Chicken' n Cheddar-Memphis BBQ Flavored Chicken Stick & Cheddar Cheese Stick
  2. Highland Beef Farms Cheddar Cheese Dip
  3. Highland Beef Farms Chili Con Queso Cheese Dip 2oz
  4. Highland Beef Farms Flaming Habanero Gourmet Cheese Spread
  5. Highland Beef Farms Hot Beef ‘n Jalapeño Combo – One Hot Beef Stick & One Jalapeño Cheese Stick
  6. Highland Beef Farms Hot Jalapeño Gourmet Cheese Spread
  7. Highland Beef Farms Jalapeño Jack Cheese Brick
  8. Highland Beef Farms Mozzarella Style Cheese Brick
  9. Highland Beef Farms Provolone Style Cheese Brick
  10. Highland Beef Farms Sharp Cheddar Gourmet Cheese Spread
  11. Highland Beef Farms Sharp Cheddar Style Cheese Brick
  12. Highland Beef Farms Smoked Gouda Cheese Dip 2 oz.-
  13. Highland Beef Farms Smoked Gouda Gourmet Cheese Spread
  14. Highland Beef Farms Spicy Chili Con Queso Gourmet Cheese Spread
  15. Highland Beef Farms Turkey 'N Swiss Combo – One Honey Pepper Turkey Stick & One Swiss Cheese Stick
  16. Highland Beef Farms-Farmhouse Cheese Wedges - Original Flavor
  17. Highland Beef Farms-Farmhouse Cheese Wedges - Pepper Jack

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