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James Farm

For questions about James Farm ingredients or expiration dates, please contact James Farm Directly.  Contact information is found here: James Farm


REAL® Dairy Products

  1. James Farm Butter Cups
  2. James Farm Butter-Salted
  3. James Farm Butter-Salted, Quarters
  4. James Farm Butter-Unsalted
  5. James Farm Butter-Unsalted, Quarters
  6. James Farm Continental Butter Chips
  7. James Farm Whipped Butter
  1. James Farm Buttermilk-Cultured, 1% Milkfat
  2. James Farm Cultured Low Fat Buttermilk-1% Milkfat
Cheese/Cheese Products
  1. James Farm Cheddar Cheese-Mild
  2. James Farm Cheddar Cheese-Mild, Feather Shredded, Yellow
  3. James Farm Cheddar Cheese-Sharp
  4. James Farm Colby Jack Cheese
  5. James Farm Mild Cheddar & Monterey Jack Cheese-Feather Shredded
  6. James Farm Monterey Jack Cheese
  7. James Farm Monterey Jack Cheese-Feather Shredded
  8. James Farm Natural Swiss Cheese-High Cut
  9. James Farm Natural Swiss Cheese-Sandwich Cut
  10. James Farm Pasteurized Process American Cheese Product-Colored
  11. James Farm Pasteurized Process American Cheese Product-Colored, Sliced
  12. James Farm Pasteurized Process American Cheese Product-White, Slices
  13. James Farm Pasteurized Process American Swiss Cheese-Sliced
Cottage Cheese
  1. James Farm Cottage Cheese-Small Curd
Cream Cheese/Neufchatel
  1. James Farm Cream Cheese-Soft
  2. James Farm Pasteurized Cream Cheese
  3. James Farm Pasteurized Cream Cheese Spread
  4. James Farm Soft Cream Cheese Spread-Tub
Cream/Cream Products
  1. James Farm Grade A Premium Pasteurized Heavy Cream
  2. James Farm Heavy Cream
  3. James Farm Heavy Cream-Premium 40%
  4. James Farm Whipped Light Cream
  1. James Farm Grade A - Ultra Pasteurized - Half & Half
  2. James Farm Grade A Pasteurized Half & Half
  3. James Farm Half & Half
Sour Cream
  1. James Farm Sour Cream
  1. James Farm All Natural Dahi Yogurt
  2. James Farm Yogurt-Plain

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