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Monument Farms Dairy

Why should you choose Monument Fresh Vermont milk? Our milk comes from one place. Our farm. With consistent standards for animal nutrition, welfare, and hygiene. All of these details work together to make our Monument Fresh taste possible.

Optimal nutrition for a dairy cow can be equated to a top athlete. Our cows enjoy a top quality feed program that is nutrient optimized on a regular basis, along with state of the art cow comfort practices. All of this is what ensures our milk has a fresh, consistent flavor. 

REAL® Dairy Products

Cream/Cream Products
  1. Monument Farms Dairy Cream - Heavy
  1. Monument Farms Dairy Half & Half
  1. Monument Farms Dairy Milk - 1% Lowfat Chocolate, Vitamin A&D
  2. Monument Farms Dairy Milk - 1% Lowfat, Vitamin A&D
  3. Monument Farms Dairy Milk - 2% Reduced Fat, Vitamin A&D
  4. Monument Farms Dairy Milk - Whole Chocolate
  5. Monument Farms Dairy Milk - Whole, Vitamin D
  6. Monument Farms Diary Milk - Skim, Vitamin A&D

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