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Moon Cheese™

Moon Cheese delivers on the nutritional needs of today’s health-mind consumer looking for a natural, nutritious real cheese snack.  Our process makes highly flavorful, crunchy cheese balls that require no refrigeration yet offers strong nutritionals – high protein, low carbs, low sugar and keto friendly.  Many of our flavors are also gluten-free.  Moon Cheese comes in a variety of real cheese flavors and Moon Cheese Blitz Mix is a combination of real cheese balls, high quality nuts and delicious flavors.


Healthy Snack 2020:


REAL® Dairy Products

  1. Coming soon: Moon Cheese Cheddar Bacon Me Crazy
  2. Coming soon: Moon Cheese Garlickin' Parmesan
  3. Coming soon: Moon Cheese White Chedda Black Peppa
  4. Moon Cheese - Cheddar Believe It
  5. Moon Cheese - Yum Inferno
  6. Moon Cheese Crunchy Cheese Sticks - Cheesy Does It
  7. Moon Cheese Crunchy Cheese Sticks - Kick it up a Nacho
  8. Moon Cheese Crunchy Cheese Sticks - Rowdy Ranch
  9. Moon Cheese Crunchy Cheese Sticks - Wild White Chedda'
  10. Moon Cheese Crunchy Cheese Sticks - Yum Inferno
  11. Moon Cheese Get Pepper Jacked
  12. Moon Cheese Oh My Gouda
  13. Moon Cheese Protein Blitz-Crazy Cheesy
  14. Moon Cheese Protein Blitz-Sweet Heat
  15. Moon Cheese Protein Blitz-Zesty Ranch

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