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Pride of the Farm

Pride of the Farm was founded on a noble objective: to provide Cholov Yisroel dairy products at reasonable prices, regardless of location.

Our products are produced on a unique family-owned homestead that offers the ideal arrangement: the fresh milk is immediately transported in dedicated tanker trucks to the processing plant, which is a short distance from the milking parlor. The self-contained operation – run by honest, conscientious, and accommodating Pennsylvania Dutch dairy farmers – lends itself perfectly to the meticulous supervision required for Cholov Yisroel certification.

REAL® Dairy Products

  1. Pride of the Farm Yogurt Drink, Strawberry Banana
  2. Pride of the Farm-Yogurt Drink-Mixed Berry
Cream/Cream Products
  1. Pride of the Farm-Heavy Cream
  1. Pride of the Farm-Half & Half
Ice Cream/Frozen Dairy Desserts
  1. Pride of the Farm -Ice Cream-No Sugar Added Vanilla
  1. Pride of the Farm-2% Reduced Fat Milk
  2. Pride of the Farm-2% Reduced Fat Milk-Lactose Free
  3. Pride of the Farm-Chocolate Lowfat Milk
  4. Pride of the Farm-Chocolate Milk
  5. Pride of the Farm-Fortified Fat Free Milk
  6. Pride of the Farm-Iced Coffee Mocha
  7. Pride of the Farm-Lowfat Milk
  8. Pride of the Farm-Vitamin D Milk
  1. Pride of the Farms-Yogurt Drink-Peach Mango

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