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Karlacti, Inc. is the sole licensee in the USA of Karoun Dairies S.A.L. one of the most prominent Middle Eastern dairies established in 1931 in Beirut - Lebanon by Ohannes Baghdassarian. Our TELBANEER® braided string cheeses, MAYAR® Mediterranean specialty cheeses and MAYARA® Hispanic cheeses are all natural artisan cheeses produced according genuine traditions and rigorous quality standards. This insures that our authentic handmade specialty Mediterranean cheeses retain all the traditional qualities necessary in a healthy Mediterranean diet, a diet rich in nutritious all natural cheeses. White cheeses are fresh cheeses low in fat, cholesterol and calories with a distinctive agreeable flavor and soft texture and easier to digest than yellow cheeses.

We supply gourmet cheeses of premium quality through innovation, commitment, excellence and excitement.


REAL® Dairy Products

Cheese/Cheese Products
  1. Telbaneer Karlacti Original Armenian String Cheese with Nigella Seeds
  2. Telbaneer Karlacti Original Armenian String Cheese-Angel Hair with Nigella Seeds
  3. Telbaneer Karlacti Original Armenian String Cheese-Marinated
  4. Telbaneer Karlacti Original Armenian String Cheese-Natural Hickory Smoked
  5. Telbaneer Karlacti Original Armenian String Cheese-Plain Natural Flavor

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