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ten finns creamery

We're Joel and Amanda Hendrickson, fifth-generation Finnish (and proud) dairy farmers in Northern Minnesota. At Ten Finns Creamery, we want our milk to make everyone feel great.  That’s why we chose to raise cows that only produce the A2 protein naturally in their milk. 

We also want it to taste amazing, so we use minimal processing and our milk is non-homogenized!  That’s why you’ll find that rich creamy layer on top.

Our kids — Zach, Maddie, Julia, Lucy, Lily, Maria, Lane, Nora, Finn and Emma — are the inspiration behind Ten Finns Creamery. We know the great nutritional value of dairy for our kids, your kids, and adults everywhere. We also know that regular milk doesn't work for everyone, so we made the switch to A2 cows.

This is a family affair­ — including our cows. That's why instead of getting tagged with a number, each cow is tagged with their own name picked out by our kids. The kids play a big role in the daily love and care of the herd.

REAL® Dairy Products

  1. ten finns creamery-A2 Butter-salted
  1. ten finns creamery-A2 Whole Milk-Vitamin D
  2. ten finns creamery-A2-Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk-Vitamin A & D
  3. ten finns creamery-Reduced Fat Milk-Vitamin A & D

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