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Upstate Farms

Our commitment to quality dairy extends to every stage of production, from the farm to the consumer. As a farmer-owned cooperative, our mission is to serve each one of our customers the highest quality dairy products and services in order to market milk and maximize returns for our dairy farmer owners, while providing a rewarding environment for our employees. With over 300 family-owned and operated farms, Upstate Niagara Cooperative is one of the largest and most stable dairy cooperatives in the United States. It means added benefits for our farmer-owners and ultimately, our valued customers.

REAL® Dairy Products

  1. Upstate Farms Butter - Salted
  2. Upstate Farms Butter - Unsalted
Cheese/Cheese Products
  1. Upstate Farms Low-Moisture Part-Skim String Cheese
Cottage Cheese
  1. Upstate Farms Cottage Cheese - Original, Small Curd, 4% Milkfat
  2. Upstate Farms Cottage Cheese - Small Curd
  3. Upstate Farms Cottage Cheese - Small Curd, Lowfat
Cream/Cream Products
  1. Upstate Farms Cream - Heavy, 36%
  2. Upstate Farms Cream - Light
  3. Upstate Farms Heavy Cream
  1. Upstate Farms Half & Half
  1. Upstate Farms Milk - 1% Lowfat, Vitamin A&D
  2. Upstate Farms Milk - 2% Reduced Fat, Vitamin A & D
  3. Upstate Farms Milk - Chocolate, Fat Free, Vitamin A&D
  4. Upstate Farms Milk - Fat Free, Vitamin A & D
  5. Upstate Farms Milk - Intense Chocolate
  6. Upstate Farms Milk - Intense Chocolate, Lowfat
  7. Upstate Farms Milk - Intense Mint Chip
  8. Upstate Farms Milk - Intense Strawberry, Lowfat
  9. Upstate Farms Milk - Intense Vanilla
  10. Upstate Farms Milk - Lowfat Cappuccino Vanilla
  11. Upstate Farms Milk - Lowfat, Chocolate, Vitamin A & D
  12. Upstate Farms Milk - Pumpkin Spice, Vitamin D
  13. Upstate Farms Milk - Strawberry, Fat Free, Vitamin A &D
  14. Upstate Farms Milk - Whole, Chocolate
  15. Upstate Farms Milk - Whole, Vitamin D
  16. Upstate Farms-Lactose Free Milk For Life-1%-Grade A-Vitamins A & D
  17. Upstate Farms-Lactose Free Milk For Life-2%-Grade A-Vitamins A & D
  18. Upstate Farms-Lactose Free Milk For Life-Fat Free-Grade A-Vitamins A & D
  19. Upstate Farms-Lactose Free Milk For Life-Whole Milk-Grade A-Vitamin D
  20. Upstate Farms-Lactose Free-Milk For Life-2% Chocolate Milk-Grade A-Vitamin A & D
Sour Cream
  1. Upstate Farms Sour Cream
  1. Upstate Farms Greek Nonfat Yogurt-Peach
  2. Upstate Farms Nonfat Greek Yogurt - Blueberry
  3. Upstate Farms Nonfat Greek Yogurt - Plain
  4. Upstate Farms Nonfat Greek Yogurt - Strawberry
  5. Upstate Farms Nonfat Greek Yogurt - Vanilla
  6. Upstate Farms Nonfat Yogurt - Blueberry
  7. Upstate Farms Nonfat Yogurt - Cherry Vanilla
  8. Upstate Farms Nonfat Yogurt - Peach
  9. Upstate Farms Nonfat Yogurt - Plain
  10. Upstate Farms Nonfat Yogurt - Strawberry
  11. Upstate Farms Nonfat Yogurt - Strawberry Banana
  12. Upstate Farms Nonfat Yogurt - Vanilla
  13. Upstate Farms Yogurt - Lowfat Blended Vanilla
  14. Upstate Farms Yogurt – Lowfat, All Natural Vanilla
  15. Upstate Farms-Whole Milk Yogurt-Plain-Vitamin D

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